Timber harvesting guide for timber land developers
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The needs of the developer are different from the needs of the private landowner. We recognize these differences and have devised harvesting systems to accommodate the needs of each. Whether the future use of the site is residential or commercial, the importance of proper timber harvesting is critical to the success of the project.

At Cross Creek Timber, LLC, we work closely with project engineers and surveyors to develop a harvesting plan before any cutting takes place. This harvesting plan takes into consideration all aspects of the job, including road and loading dock locations, skid road locations and the location of possible "tree save" areas.  Once the overall harvesting plan is decided upon, we start the process of selectively marking areas to be cleared or thinned.

By using this process, we have found that the public response to the project is more favorable. Our foresters and harvesting contractors are trained in dealing with adjoining landowners and are sensitive to any issues that may arise during the harvesting process.

If your development site requires the removal of forest products, let our professionals help. Cross Creek Timber, LLC can handle the details while you enjoy the revenues from harvesting timber.


For a list of available properties for sale from Cross Creek Realty, LLC  or discuss the sale of your property please visit: www.crosscreekrealtyllc.com or call   (864) 517-3621.