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Cross Creek Timber, LLC Forest Management and Procurement Services

Cross Creek Timber, LLC is a full service timber procurement and forest management company.

Our professional, licensed foresters have the training and experience to offer a variety of harvesting services to landowners ranging from harvest cuts, to development cuts where some trees are left for aesthetics, to thinning natural stands to promote the growth of a desired species. When we enter into talks with landowners regarding the harvesting of timber, our goal is to create a harvesting plan that meets each individual’s goals for their property. Every situation is unique and different management techniques are considered to reach each landowners goal.    

Cross Creek Timber, LLC practices a blend of forestry that incorporates not only environmentally sound forest practices, but also takes into consideration the real estate value, as well as the aesthetic value of properties. Hardwood thinning is an underutilized practice that we recommend and promote. This allows the landowner to receive income from the sale of their forest products, but does not drastically change the aesthetics of their property.

We only hire contract loggers that are professionally trained in BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES and TOP certified by the SC Forestry Commission. We are fully insured with both workers compensation and general liability insurance.

If you are considering selling your timber or pulpwood or have questions regarding the sale of forest products, please give us a call or click here. Our professional foresters are available to meet with you to discuss and evaluate the income potential of your forest land. We do not charge a fee to visit your property and you will be under no obligations after our visit.


If you are interested in buying or selling land please contact Steven Smith at (864) 517-3621 or email ssmith@crosscreekrealtyllc.comPlease also visit www.crosscreekrealtyllc.comfor a complete listing of availalble properties.